• Testimonials

    Here is some of the feedback we've received from our happy Mums and Dads!

    BaciAnyone can care for your dog, but do they have any knowledge about the dog they care for? At Hairyhounds I know that my dog is receiving care by people who not only 'love dogs' but have a knowledge base. Christie’s Team all have a qualification in Animal Studies or further animal industry, with some continuing their study in this field.

    This is so important to me and more importantly to my dog. Understanding behavior, understanding dogs health. The Team is always happy to discuss what’s going on for your dog... and they do know!

    Equally important is a safe environment, HH have that in abundance, I never feel concern about my dog’s safety or well being. He’s been at HH since he was a pup (he’s almost 6yrs), he’s so well socialized its crazy and the manners he does have... well not really down to me. The outdoor play space is brilliant and not the norm for most doggy daycares.

    Most importantly to my dog; HH is an awful lot of fun! Being a regular…oh dear if we are not at HH twice a week, we wander around in the depths of despair (the hound that is), as soon as we turn that corner into Bentley Street, oh my how we come alive... separation anxiety... but not from me... from him... for Hairyhounds!

    Is my dog happy at HH... oh yeah! Am I happy at HH...oh yeah!
    Baci's Family

    SheldonHHPG has been a wonderful find for us. Not only is Sheldon socializing with other dogs, he is also learning and being looked after in a controlled and safe environment while there.Sheldon's behaviour towards other dogs has improved since going to HHPG as well as his overall behaviour at home. He has such a great time there that he comes home and sleeps through until midday the next day! He loves Christie and the gang so much that when he realises that he is going to HHPG he starts to jump around, run up and down the hallway and cries from the moment I put him in the car until he is dropped off. HHPG do a fantastic job taking care of my fur baby and would highly recommend them in a heart beat to anyone who wants to socialize and add stimulation to their fur babies lives. Thanks HHPG!
    Sheldon, Daniel and Jordi

    FredHairy Hounds Playground has totally changed Fred’s life. It sounds like an overstatement, but it’s true. He is a fairly shy and anxious dog, who takes a while to warm up to other dogs and especially to other people. The team at HHPG is so patient with Fred, taking time to support his interactions with other dogs and humans. After two years of attending HHPG Fred is calmer and more confident with both dogs and humans. We rely heavily on Christie and the team for advice about training and socialising Fred. Not only have they made a difference to Fred’s life directly, they have retrained us so that we are able to support him to continue to grow. Now Fred doesn’t look back when we drop him off at HHPG because he is too busy wagging his tail and greeting Christie. We couldn’t be happier to be ignored!
    Fred's Family

    MistyWe just wanted to say how impressed and happy we are since our Labrador Misty has been going to Hairy Hounds. Misty so looks forward to her weekly visit that by the time we arrive she is jumping everywhere in excitement. The good thing is she comes home completely happy from playing with her friends all day and sleeps for the next 24 hours. Her discipline has improved so much as well. We highly recommend Hairy Hounds to all our friends and everyone we meet when out dog walking.
    Catherine and John

    EadenEadan loves her days at Hairy Hounds. She gets so excited in the morning when I tell her she has 'daycare today' and races to the car. I love hearing stories about her shenaningans playing with the other dogs. I often pick her up looking prettier than I dropped her off, freshly brushed. One day I picked her up with a long braid from her fringe halfway down her back! Nat and the staff at HH genuinely care for all the hairy hounds they look after and understand how special our pets are to us. Thank you for your wonderful care of my special girl.
    Charyn, 'Eadan's Mum'

    MollyOur dog, Molly, has been coming to Hairy Hounds Playground since four months of age. She has made many "doggy" friends, including her special friend, Harry. Sarah, Nat and Kath are absolutely wonderful with the dogs. Molly is very happy at Hairy Hounds and would love to go every day if we let her! Hairy Hounds is great and gives us peace of mind knowing that Molly will have a good day playing with other dogs rather than being lonely in the backyard waiting for us to come home.
    Elizabeth, James, Katie and Emily

    TaytoTayto loves going to Hairy Hounds if I am going to be out for a long day and I love coming home to a tired, happy dog and a clean backyard that hasn't been wrecked by a bored, mischievous but lovable labradoodle. Thanks to Nat and staff for such a fantastic service, although could you just tell Tayto that he should at least pretend that he is happy to see me when I come to pick him up?

    SavannahMy lovely pooch (Savannah) knows when its time to go to Nat & the girls, but this is not to see them, as she has always had a thing for Scooby. I know Savannah has a fun filled day because when I pick her up she is asleep by the time I drive to the corner. It has been a godsend to have Hairy Hounds which has allowed Savannah to romp, play and generally be under every ones feet trying to get as much attention as she can with people I trust. I have enjoyed the experience of hearing Savannah bark when I arrive to pick her up which is her way of telling me what she had done for the day. I still dispute that my lovely pooch wouldn't be so crass and poo at the facility, but as Nat said she does.
    Savannah's Family

    AsterixWe love putting Asterix into Hairy Hounds, he knows the routine for when he is going, so car trips are very impatient exercises with lots of doggy noise saying hurry up. When the car pulls up out front, he is beside himself with eagerness to get out of the car, to the point, an arm may be lost due to the pull on the lead to get in the door! Home time, he is always eager to come home, but I only think that is because he is exhausted from having toooooo much fun! He is usually asleep in the car before we hit the end of the street. At home, it?s a very quiet evening, very little interest in playing or doing anything other than falling sleep on someone?s knee! I also cannot believe some of the stories we hear about who he has played with during the day, or how much he has run around (non-stop is the usual comment). And we were both very proud of the fact that he was, as we call it, Mr November 2009! When Mirella told me, I was very excited! So of course now we think he is an even bigger super star than before! So thank you to all at Hairy Hounds for providing such a wonderful environment for our baby, he loves it, so it?s a pleasure for us to know he is being so well looked after and provided a day in doggy nirvana!
    Andrea and Emil

    WilburMy name is Wilbur the Schnoodle, but you can call me Willy, I get bored and restless at home all day and sometimes I go silly.
    I don't mean to be naughty, and make you really mad, But it's only because I'm lonely and feeling rather sad.
    When my Mums come home at night I jump around with glee, I'm so relieved to see them and go nuts when I hear the key.
    But they always seem so tired and don't often want to play, It seems they've had a bigger day than me - because I slept all day.
    But then they found Hairy Hounds, and life got filled with fun Puppy friends, treats and toys and all that space to run!
    My days at Hairy Hounds are my favorite days of the week. I run and play and run so fast I'm like a little white streak!
    Nat and Kathy are always so good to us And surprise us with treats and cuddles – how they love to make a fuss.
    When I'm good and grubby – Nat pulls out the doggie bath And I get celebrity treatment, where I love to make a splash.
    At the end of a day at Hairy Hounds, I can barely eat my dinner I'm so happy and exhausted; my Mums think I'm a winner!
    I curl up on my bed and fall asleep without a sound, And dream of my next day at Hairy Hounds Playground!"
    Wilbur and Family