• Puppy Day Care

    Puppy Play Day Care @ Hairy Hounds PlaygroundPuppy Day Care at Hairy Hounds Playground is a specialised day care program for pups up to 7 months of age (approx).

    At this critical time in their young lives, puppies need to be exposed to many new experiences and by having your puppy attend PDC program @ Hairy Hounds Playground, we will provide many of these experiences in a safe, controlled and positive environment as well as provide you with helpful feedback and problem solving ideas from our experienced staff.

    Confused about socialisation and puppy vaccinations?
    Want to do the right thing by your pups development and health but you're constantly receiving conflicting information? Let us help explain this development stage and puppy wellness to you: Puppy Socialization vs Immunizations.

    Our Pups @ Play Philosophy

    New friends, both 2 and 4 legged to be made. No more home alone all day!
    Social Skills
    Building confidence, reducing anxious behaviour, separation anxiety and nervous behaviours. Noises and environmental stimuli introduced to help ensure your pup becomes a well adjusted adult dog and family member.
    Supervised play. Reduces stress related habits, over-energetic behaviour (eg.barking), boredom – meaning less destructive behaviour at home. Teaches your pup how to play appropriately - with all sizes, all breeds.
    Regular toilet breaks - keeping the routine of home. Pups are walked on lead when moved around the centre. Pups are to sit & be polite before meals and entering doorways.
    Polite meet & greet of other pups, learn not to  jump on people. Any guarding of food/toys is replaced with polite eating/playing behaviours.
    Quiet time, with soothing music. During sleep time, they can curl up on beds and sofas with friends or have their own private time. An instructor will be with the pups at all times, ensuring each pup is respected by others.
    Introducing real life obstacles (umbrella, moving bike and skateboard, vacuum etc) to your pups whilst ensuring a safe and positive environment. This helps to create a well adjusted adult!

    Cost   (Prices valid from 1st October 2017 to 1st July 2018)

    2 Hour Pop-In or Intro Session 2 Hour Pass
    Need to go shopping and don't want to leave your new pup at home? Why not do a pop in session, go shopping AND have a coffee!! 1 Puppy
    2 Puppies $50.00
    3 Puppies $70.00
      ½ Day - 6 Hours Full Day - 12 Hours 10 Day Pass 1 20 Day Pass 2
    1 Puppy $42.50 $56.50 $565.00 $1130.00
    2 Puppies $75.00 $99.00 $985.00 $1970.00
    3 Puppies $112.50 $139.50 $1345.00 $2690.00
    SPECIAL OFFER: 5 Passes for the Price of 4! 5 ½ Day Pass 3 5 Day Pass 3
    1 Puppy   $170.00 $226.00
    2 Puppies   $290.00 $394.00
    3 Puppies   $470.00 $538.00
    1 - 10 visit passes are valid for 3 months from the date of purchase.
    2 - 20 visit passes are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.
    3 - Special offer passes must be used within the month of purchase, e.g. 20th July - 19th August.

    What To Bring

    Current C5 Vaccination Certificate
    Lead (Non-retractable)
    Flat Collar (No correction collars)
    Your puppy!
    Any meals required. (Meals can also be provided at a cost of $5)

    Owners must complete the puppy profile and sign the terms and conditions agreement, found here - and for pups that have not completed a puppy school course with us, your puppy's temperament will be assessed during the first session to ensure your pup is suitable for a day care environment - keeping all pups safe and happy.

    Valet Service
    Hairy Hounds Playground offers a valet service with morning pick up, evening drop off - or both - for your convenience. Valet service areas and pricing are indicated on the map below. Click on the image for a larger view.

    Hairy Hounds Playground Valet Service Areas

    We offer a valet service to Albert Park, Altona, Altona Meadows, Altona North, Ascot Vale, Braybrook, CBD, Docklands, Flemington, Footscray, Kensington, Kingsville, Maidstone, Maribyrnong, Middle Park, Moonee Ponds, Newport, North Melbourne, Port Melbourne, Seddon, South Bank, South Kingsville, West Footscray,West Melbourne, Williamstown and Yarraville.