• About Hairy Hounds Playground

    Hairy Hounds Playground was established in March 2007 and was developed to create a safe, fun and affordable place for dogs to be cared for, groomed and trained while their owners were at work. In 2011 Onsite Pet Care and Hairy Hounds Playground joined forces to ensure all services are offered for all different types of needs.

    Now not only do we offer day care and specialised puppy day care with socialisation sessions but training, dog walking, pet feeding, microchipping, sleepovers in your home and in our homes and much more. Check out the services page for further details on each And, to ensure your dog is in the best of care, the team at Hairy Hounds Playground have all completed a pet first aid course.

    Your Carers

    HHPG prides itself on providing you with a caring and personalised service. To ensure we deliver this service our carers have on the job training, have many different qualifications in the animal industry (and out of it too!!!) and continue to update their qualifications with conferences, workshops and certificates.

    Just some of the qualifications your carers have completed;

    • Animal Welfare Graduate Certificate – Monash University
    • Dog training certificates with Kintala Dog Trainers Course – Gentle Modern Method and National Dog Trainers Federation
    • Microchipping Implanters Course – Box Hill Institute
    • Animal Management Certificate III & IV – NMIT & Victorian University
    • Animal Companion Services Certificate III & IV – NMIT & Victorian University
    • Animal Technology Diplomas – Victorian University
    • Training & Assessment Certificate IV – Victorian University
    • Horse Massage Therapy
    • Short courses in canine massage, cat & dog nutrition, dog grooming and much much much more!!!!!

    All staff update their Pet First Aid skills annually. We currently have staff completing Veterinary Sciences (Melbourne University), Vet Nursing Studies and Small Animal Naturopathy.

    You can leave your feathered and furry friends in our care knowing that they’re in the BEST of care!!

    Meet Your Carers